We are located at the intersection of Culture & Fitness. IC Fitness is a 24-hour home away from home for millennials, busy working professionals, or anyone looking to start, restart or maintain their fitness journey in an ultra-modern, secure, and immaculately clean facility with a club-like vibe.

  • 10k sq. ft. of iron
  • Group classes for members
  • 24-hour access
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Free Guest Pass on all Holidays
Who We Are

We are a community facility that embraces our roots in downtown Cleveland. City grit, heart, and hustle are what Cleveland is all about, and we try our best to recreate or fabricate that vibe when you walk into our door. From brick walls and steel beams that add a rustic feel to our space to our retractable doors that open in the spring and summer that make your workout time or group class feel like it is being done right in the middle of the city amongst towers. Register here to schedule a tour and experience the new wave of Downtown Cleveland Fitness.

Why Choose Us

Immaculate - We are an immaculate facility that takes pride in maintaining the overall cleanliness of our space so members can comfortably meet their fitness goals.

Conditioning - Our team of professional, well-sought-after Certified Personal Trainers is always around to help with fitness-related questions or tips. Our diverse staff of trainers provides many different areas of expertise, experience, and training styles to accommodate any individual, no matter what walk of life they come from or any level of difficulty that comes with their fitness goals. IC Fitness has the trainer for you!

IC Fitness

Our boutique facility provides a semi-private experience with 24/7 access at an affordable price. The invigorating, eco-friendly environment makes IC Fitness the obvious choice for those looking for something more economical in downtown Cleveland.

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